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Welcome to the birth of a new era in steel drums.  Presenting a "proof of concept" electronic steel drum set.  Imagine having the sound and form factor of an acoustical steel drum, without the use of 55-gallon oil drums.

Imagine drums that do not go out of tune and do not rust.  Imagine an instrument that takes advantage of all of the electronic enhancements available today. Imagine no longer, the future is now!  

The advancements in electronics have changed the way that the world is making and playing musical instruments. Look at all of the instruments that are all available in electronic versions today, such as drum sets, congas, percussion pads, marimba, etc. It was just a matter of time before someone applied the same principles to the steel drum.

Thank you all for your interest in this latest advance. There are so many questions being asked and we genuinely appreciate the interest. There are many logistical and business issues involved in developing a working proof-of-concept; we have solved the logistical issues and proved that it is possible to create a working electric steel drum. We are proud of this achievement and present it here on this web site to educate and inspire others. Thank you.





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